The Pegasus Blue Box Kit™


Your pharmacy in a box – every home should have one



The Pegasus Blue Box ™ contains 29 homeopathic remedies that can deal with over 100 common health conditions and ailments, from infections to nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea to allergies.

Pegasus remedies are uniquely designed to resolve multiple conditions with rapid response to symptoms but always striving to heal underlying causation.

Pegasus remedies are natural and safe for the whole family. From pregnant and breast-feeding women, new born infants, babies, children to chronically medicated patients, those with allergies and the elderly.

Pegasus effective, high potency complex remedies which are easy to understand and administer, free from alcohol and lactose, without side effects and no risk of overdosing.

Pegasus can be used in conjunction with allopathic medication.

Ideal for travellers, adventurers, campers and hikers.

If you save yourself just one doctor’s consultation and costs of the prescription, you’ll have already paid for the Pegasus Blue Box™


For more details on the Pegasus Blue Box Kit please go here – The Bluebox Kit

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