The Pegasus Maternity/Labour Kit™


Every pregnant woman should have one!

From the joyful moment you find out you’re pregnant, the Pegasus Homeopathics Maternity/Labour Kit contains remedies that are perfectly safe for you to take and are especially formulated to assist you at each stage of your pregnancy and labour.





We’ve created 8 natural remedies and a topical oil to prepare your body for natural birth AND it’s also very applicable post-caesarean section and post-birth recovery. The kit is designed to help avoid complications!

Our remedies facilitate a healthy pregnancy term, relieve morning sickness, alleviate back pain, strive to ease the labour process, aid in recuperation, promote milk production and treat post-natal depression. There is a remedy to help ease mastitis, and the Renewal Oil (topical oil) that will help to prevent tearing and diminish stretch marks. The Maternity/Labour kit is endorsed by mid-wives and doulas and is a helpful and a welcome gift for every mom-to-be.

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