The Pegasus Viral Protocol


The Pegasus Anti-viral Protocol




A 3-in-1 maintenance solution for optimally supporting your immune system

Pegasus ANTI-VIRABAC 200C is a homeopathic/ natural ‘antibiotic’ attending to both viral and bacterial infections (contains nosodes of Penicillin, Streptomycin and Staphylococcus BUT safe to use for those with a penicillin allergy.) Use at earliest stage of threatened infection, when there’s a rapid onset of symptoms; discoloured mucus, high, burning fever and lethargy.

Pegasus IMMUNE DEFENCE TINCTURE is a TEN HERB COMPLEX, that stimulates the immune system, containing natural remedies such as Echinacea, Fulvic Acid, Propolis, Hydrastis, Thuja and Blackseed oil. These well-established herbal remedies strengthen the immune system and are powerful allies working synergistically, alongside homeopathic remedies.

Pegasus IMMUNE DEFENCE 6C is a homeopathic remedy for modulating the immune system. It’s particularly useful for children attending creche and pre-school, where their immune systems are ‘immature’ and for auto-immune situations, where one can’t further stimulate the immune system. Further useful applications are: just before overseas travel and long flights, prior to sporting events, stressful periods, or being exposed to infections at schools, creches, work places or any other situations where a lot of people are ‘’boxed in” for long periods and germs can travel around freely. …. also useful to take preventatively during current ‘covid’ threat and winter exposure to colds and flu.


Immune System Maintenance: Both ANTI-VIRABAC 200C and IMMUNE DEFENCE 6C remedies to be taken ONCE daily (15 min. apart) and the IMMUNE DEFENCE TINCTURE, 20 drops after food, ONCE daily

In acute infection, alternate the homeopathic remedies hourly apart x3 doses, the every 2 hours apart until well and take the IDR Tincture 3x daily

N.B. If a positive response is not seen within 36 hours or an aggravation occurs, consult your medical practitioner immediately.

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