The Pegasus Viral Protocol


A 3-in-1 solution for optimally supporting your immune system.



Pegasus IMMUNE DEFENCE 6C – a homeopathic remedy that ‘modulates’ the immune system to operate optimally. Beneficial for immune-compromised patients or for situations which present immunological challenges eg when flying internationally or for children in crèches/pre-primary etc

Pegasus ANTI-VIRABAC 200C – a homeopathic/ natural ‘antibiotic’ for both Viral & Bacterial infections.

Pegasus IMMUNE DEFENCE TINCTURE – a TEN HERB COMPLEX, that stimulates the immune system.



Immune System Maintenance: Both ANTI-VIRABAC 200C and IMMUNE DEFENCE 6C remedies to be taken ONCE daily (15 min. apart) and the IMMUNE DEFENCE TINCTURE, 20 drops after food, ONCE daily.

Acute Conditions: Should ‘flu-like’ symptoms present, increase the dosage of the IMMUNE DEFENCE TINCTURE to THREE times daily and ALTERNATE the ANTI-VIRABAC 200C and IMMUNE DEFENCE 6C remedies every TWO hours

N.B. If a positive response is not seen within 36 hours or an aggravation occurs, consult your medical practitioner immediately.